Project leader

Professor Dr. Damian Wild
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Project staff

Dr. Christof Rottenburger
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Dr. Guillaume Nicolas
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Dr. Melpomeni Fani
Phone:+41 61 556 5891
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Institute presentation

We are part of the University of Basel Hospital and guarantee the supply for Nuclear medicine diagnosis and therapy for the northwest of Switzerland. We are specialized in the development and evaluation of radioactive labelled peptides for diagnostic and therapeutic use. We are the leading centre for the treatment of neuroendocrine tumor patients with Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy in Switzerland. In close cooperation with Prof. Dr. Emanuel Christ from the Department of Endocrinology at the Inselspital Bern, we have done the clinical evaluation of radioactive labelled Exendin-4 for imaging insulinomas.

In WP 4 , the BetaCure consortium aims at the evaluation and optimization of quantitative pre-operative imaging for treatment planning, including individual planning of guided surgery. Clinical validation and comparison of the developed and improved pre-operative imaging methods will be carried out in patients with AHH and CHI in order to determine the optimal pre-operative imaging strategy for the planning of guided surgery. We will optimize quantitative pre-operative imaging in patients with focal and diffuse CHI/AHH and will perform the correlation with the surgical outcome as well as with the reduction of radiation exposure.