Personalized therapy of patients with CHI or AHHwould require optimized pre-therapeutic diagnostication combined with functionally optimized partial resection of the pancreas preserving exocrine pancreatic function as well as glycemic control. As this aim may be difficult or impossible to obtain in patients with diffuse forms of CHI, alternative treatment strategies are warranted that may render partial pancreatectomy combined with medical treatment obsolete.

The optimal treatment would be selective destruction of diseased beta cells while preserving the function of healthy islets as well as exocrine pancreatic function.
Alternatively, diseased beta cells sufficient to retain glycemic control should be preserved while avoiding hypoglycemia; this approach, however, would most probably require repeated treatment.

Therefore, innovative approaches for treating CHI and AHH should allow to reliably differentiate between focal and diffuse forms of the disease, they should allow to optimally guide surgical intervention and they should enable quantitative, controlled selective destruction of beta cells. In addition, side effects of treatment should be avoided.

BetaCure partners have developed complementary technologies that, if combined with each other, appear to be optimally suited for personalized treatment of CHI and AHH. They have pioneered work in the fields of beta cell imaging and image-guided surgery.