BetaCure aims at overcoming the key challenges so far preventing optimized individual patient-tailored treatment of CHI and AHH, aiming to reduce side effects while achieving high cure rate with low morbidity, improved quality of life and survival. We propose to develop a theranostic platform utilizing tracer molecules as (intraoperative) biomarkers specifically targeting the beta-cells that will allow

  1. preoperative non-invasive localization of foci in CHI and AHH with higher sensitivity and specificity than currently available imaging tracers/li>
  2. pre-operative calculation of the exact volume of beta cells to be destroyed aiming to achieve cure, possibly even without causing diabetes in diffuse CHI/AHH
  3. intraoperative visualization of diseased beta cells for individualized image guided surgery allowing to reduce morbidity
  4. laparoscopic highly specific and quantitative treatment of diseased beta cells without requiring resection of large quantities of pancreatic tissue with potential for repeated treatment until cure is achieved
  5. non-invasive systemic treatment of diseased beta cells in selected patients

To achieve the ambitious goals of this proposal, we will utilize innovative molecular imaging technology in the fields of optical and radioactive tracers, image-guided surgery (IGS), targeted photodynamic therapy (tPDT) and peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT). The project will combine simultaneous preclinical development and optimization of cutting-edge technology with clinical proof-of-principle studies to ensure rapid translation into the clinics, made possible by inclusion of clinical experts from centres diagnosing and treating large numbers of CHI and AHH patients. This will enable us to deliver the clinical proof-of-principle for our highly innovative therapeutic approach within the runtime of the project.

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